Do I need a website?
If your business has gotten this far without a website, you might be wondering: do I need a website for my business? What’s the point if my business is already successful without one?  Maybe you already have a website?  Maybe it’s time for a refresh as your business has changed over the years? 

The short answer is that there has never been a better or more important time to invest in a website for your business. A website offers a wide variety of benefits for small businesses and organizations, and most of these benefits increase in value exponentially year over year, just like the Internet itself.

Not convinced? We’ve collected eight of the biggest benefits your small business can receive from even a simple website:

  1. A website professionalizes your company/organization
  2. Your website can attract new customers through Google
  3. You can clearly showcase your products and services
  4. You can display your best reviews and testimonials prominently on your website
  5. A website can encourage customers to contact you
  6. You can integrate your website with Google Maps so people can find you more easily
  7. Your website establishes your place in the industry
  8. A website ensures your success over the long term

You can get all of these benefits without spending a fortune!

81% of people research a business or service online prior to making a purchase decision.

If you don’t have a website, you have no chance at capturing a share of this market. Your website can be available 24/7/365 even when you’re not. A website acts as your “always-on” business advocate during and outside of office hours.  Websites help you convert more of your existing referrals, because most people still do their own research and stack you against your competitors.

56% of people stated that they won’t trust a business without a website.

Having a good website instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business.   First impressions count, and websites allow you to make a very strong impression with a well designed introduction for your business. A website can help showcase your expertise and better position your business. A website can be your number one tool for standing out in a crowd.

Having a website will end up saving you time.

Whether you’re trading emails, taking calls, or sending out proposals – communicating with potential customers takes time. Your website can save you that time by providing answers to common customer questions and inquiries. What does this mean for you? You can spend your time doing more valuable things.

So, do I need a website for my business?
Hopefully, by now you’ve realized that the question isn’t “do I need a website for my business”, but rather “can I afford to not have a website in this digital era”. And the answer, if you want to continue thriving in the long term, is no. A website is one of the best investments any business can make in its future.

The Orange Group will help you every step of the way.  From Concept to Design to Going Live!  We will even update and maintain your site.  Allowing you do what you do best, manage your business!